Index of Flip Flappers Reviews and Articles

This post will serve as an index for Flip Flappers reviews, articles, blog posts, translations, videos and anything else that is seems appropriate. Views and opinions stated in these articles may or may not reflect the views and opinions of the staff of the blog Flip Flapping!

If you know of an article that should be included you may leave a comment and I’ll add it.


Interview with Director Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Translated by The Hug Bee)

Reviews/Episodic Blog Posts

Anime Evo

Episode 1 (by Flower)
Episodes 2~3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (by Josei Next Door)

Wave Motion Cannon

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (by Various Authors)

Sakuga Blog

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7~8, 9, 10, 12~13 (by liborek)

Anime News Network

Full Series Review (by Nick Creamer)
Episode 1~2
, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9~10, 11, 12, 13 (by Jacob Chapman)

Wrong Every Time

Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  (by Nick Creamer)

Miscellaneous Reviews (Listed by blog name, some also have episodic posts)

Star Crossed Anime Blog (by SuperMario)
Rabujoi (by oigakkosan)
Otakuness Anime Reviews (by M0rg0th)
Nichi Nichi-chan (by kindle)
Swabulous Max (by swabl)
Random Curiosity (by Passerby)
The Yuri Nation (by OG-Man)
Cauthan Reviews (by Cauthan)
Plain Pasta and Plain Rice (by Plainpastaandplainrice)
Flip Flappers — Anime Series Review (by remyfool)
100WordAnime (by Karandi)
Yuri Reviews (by Rock the Vogt)

Podcasts/Video Reviews

Chatty AF 17: Flip Flappers Retrospective (by Anime Feminist)
Flip Flappers Reviews (by Two Fat Guys Talk)
Otaku Spirit Animecast: Fall 2016 Anime Season in Review Part 2 (11:00 mark)
Exploring Fantasy in Flip Flappers (by AnimeEveryday)
Review: Flip Flappers (by ShadowBlazer3000)
Flip Flappers: The Wonder of Adventure (by Captain Galactic)
Why You Should Watch Flip Flappers (by ceicocat)
Flip Flappers and Identity Formation (by Zeria)


By Nick Creamer

Why It Works: FLIP FLAPPERS’ Lonely World of Windows and Doors

Why It Works: “Flip Flappers” Unspoken Stories

Why It Works: “FLIP FLAPPERS” Fearful Symmetry

Why It Works: Sculpting Worlds with Studio Pablo

Why It Works: A Worlds Tour of Flip Flappers, Part One

Why It Works: A Worlds Tour of Flip Flappers, Part Two

Top Ten Anime of 2016

By illegenes

Queer Discovery in “Flip Flappers”

Cocona; Invisible, Divisible

Day Twelve: Flip Flap, Flip Flap

By Emily Rand

Cocona’s Emptiness in Flip Flappers

Flip Flappers — Pure Illusion and the Painter

Flip Flappers’ Courtship of Cocona

Who is Bu? Behind Flip Flappers’ Annoying, Ubiquitous Robot

Pieces of Yayaka: Flower Language in Flip Flappers

Breaking Promises in Flip Flappers

[Seven] Flip Flapping!

A Breadcrumb Trail in Flip Flappers — The Witch

Another Breadcrumb Trail in Flip Flappers — Color Theory

Flip Flappers and the Painting

Yayaka’s World (And a Few Stray Thoughts on Flip Flappers’ Pure Illusion)

By Peter Fobian

Head Space – “FLIP FLAPPERS” Jung and the Journey of Self-Discovery

Head Space – “FLIP FLAPPERS” The Psychic Prison

Head Space – “FLIP FLAPPERS” Mirrors, Reversals and Returns

By Brandon Teteruck

“Flip Flappers” and Sensory Storytelling

Making (Some) Sense of “Flip Flappers”

“Flip Flappers”: Mad Max meets Magical Girls?

Genre Bending, Horror and “Flip Flappers”

The Colorful Voice of “Flip Flappers”

By Chris Siebenmann

How Flip Flappers is using a world-building technique from science fiction

Where I think each Pure Illusion world comes from in Flip Flappers

Where I think Flip Flappers’ episode 9 Pure Illusion world comes from

How Flip Flappers tells us a lot about Yayaka through visuals alone

By Rai

Who Was Iro in Flip Flappers Episode 6? An Analysis and Explanation

Why Were There So Many Papikas? An Analysis of Cocona’s Identity

Flip Flappers Episode 8 – The Crazy Robot Fight Symbolizes More Yuri Themes

Flip Flappers Episode 11 – Is Cocona’s Mother Insane? An Analysis of Pure Illusion and Its Effect On Personality

By Scottlarouxwrites

Flip Flappers’ Chrono-Complex

Meaning Revisited (Flip Flappers Analysis)

By Somekindofthing

Anime Watching Year in Review

By PlainPastaRice

12 Days of Anime: Day 7 — Joy of Exploration

By Aezreal

Recursive decision-making and Flip Flapping

By certainlyawitch

12 Days of Anime #4: ‘Worlds’ in Flip Flappers

By Cauthan

The Colorful Storytelling of ‘Pure Play’

By Therealmeott

So What is a Flip Flapper Anyway?

By Yi

Papika, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

By Aidan Dudding

The Worlds of Flip Flappers

By Federico Antonio Russo

Flip Flappers’ Cultural References: Jakob von Uexküll

By Alex Henderson

Escape from Yuri Hell: FLIP FLAPPERS’ critique of the Class S genre

A Journey Inside the Mind with Madoka Magica and Flip Flappers

By Senpai;notes

12 Days: Flip Flappers and Funeral

By Kelira Telian

Of Boats and Nyunyus – Questions and Answers in Flip Flappers

Pure Reality: Welwitschia, Queen of the Desert

Narrative Relics: The Thomassons of Flip Flappers

FlipFlappiversary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13



22 thoughts on “Index of Flip Flappers Reviews and Articles

    1. Kelira Telian

      Oh I’d read your first one! I’d remembered it but had no way of finding it again. Just finished the follow up and I really like your interpretations!

      The reference to The Crying of Lot 49 is also great. I read that in my 12th Grade AP Lit class and loved it. Me and my friends were drawing muted horns on things for months. Excellent comparison as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is great and I really like the layout of it all. It’s a wonderful resource to have all of these different perspectives and analyses gathered in one place for such a complex and layered show. I’m very pleased to see a few of my own write-ups juxtaposed to these other great posts. I applaud you for compiling all of this.


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