FlipFlappiversary Week 11: Promises Broken

Episode 11 of Flip Flappers is where all the backstory and almost all of the core plot is laid out. And almost all of it is immediately disposed of. Things that should be important revelations with grand import happen with little fanfare, to make time for the things that the show feels are important.

Almost all of this is at the hands of a character we truly met only in the previous episode. Cocona’s mother, Mimi.

Mimi brings an almost cleansing fire to the show. In the opening minutes of the episode she eliminates the entirety of the Aesclepius organization. She causes the people and robots to explode into white clover. White clovers representing revenge for broken promises. Mimi has had many promises broken, her revenge is swift and without exception.


Salt’s flashback is all about how he failed. Failed to understand what Mimi wanted from him, failed to take the steps necessary to protect Cocona. In the end, he’s confronted with Mimi once more, and he fails.

Papika confronts Mimi. Demands that Mimi return Cocona. But when asked if she wants Cocona or the Mimi from the past, she hesitates. And for a moment Cocona returns, to tell Papika she hates her.


Inside Pure Illusion, Mimi can protect Cocona. Cocona will always be safe within Pure Illusion.

The only person who can break this, break this chain of broken promises stretching back fifteen years is the only person who never made a promise to Mimi. Salt asks Yayaka to save Papika and to help her save Cocona. Yayaka breaks through to Papika, making her remember the promise she’s made to Cocona. The promise of her love.


Mimi lived a life filled with nothing but confinement and broken promises. Its all she knows. Salt has lived a life of regret, for the actions he never took, for the promises he broke. Papika was given another chance at life, a chance to do things differently. She found in that life a new love, with a new person. Yayaka lived a life of secrets, but she refused to let that compromise her principles.

All of these center around Cocona. But what is it, that Cocona wants? That is the final question Flip Flappers asks.





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