Winter 2017 End of Season Review

Well its that time again. The Winter 2017 season has finally (mostly) wrapped up. As anime seasons go it was pretty middle of the road. Not as bad as some people predicted, but generally just pretty ok. I ended up finishing eight shows, which is about what I normally shoot for. So what did I think? well, read on to find out!

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The Sincerity of Kemono Friends

Perhaps you’ve heard of the hit new anime this season. The one with the girls with tails and…no, not the one with the Dragons. The one with the Friends!

In the last month or so Kemono Friends has leaped from its obscure niche of “bad CG cartoon based on defunct Mobage” to become one of the most memetic series currently airing. But why? Why does this simple show about anthropomorphic animals seem to reach so many people, even those who by all rights should dislike it? To put it frankly. Its sincerity.

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Winter 2017 Mid-Season Review

Wow, halfway through the season already! Time sure flies doesn’t it. Lets see where everything stands after six episodes. Whats on the up, whats on the down, and what is just continuing as expected. The tiers should be fairly obvious. Within each tier the shows are organized alphabetically.

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