2017 Year in Review

Also the Fall 2017 Review because I don’t see a reason to do two posts on this. In the end, I finished 30 shows this year. I ended up dropping nine at various points in their run, including three from Fall season.

In lieu of numbered scores I’ve arraged the shows into a set of tiers. Inside each tier the order doesn’t matter, so shows will be listed alphabetically.  Anything in the top two tiers is an unreserved recommendation, while the three tiers after those range from “really good” to “ok”. Only one non-dropped show is not recommended at all. So lets get this started.

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#12DaysofAnime 4: Avoiding Male Leads

This year I will have (probably) finished 33 anime series. That’s a lot! Less than I used to watch, but still quite a bit. Just over eight shows per season. Of those shows, the vast majority have one thing in common.

They don’t have a male lead. I did not set out, precisely, to minimize the number of shows I watch with male leads, but its been a continuing pattern for several years. This is the first year where I have an easily accessible record of what I watched (thanks to this blog!) so lets talk about these shows, and something they have in common.

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Summer 2017 End of Season Overview

Wow yet another season come and gone. From seeming at first like a weak season, this summer had me following more shows than in quite some time, plus not dropping any shows at all! (not that every show I finished was good….). So what was up with this surprisingly excellent season?

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