Narrative Relics: The Thomassons of Flip Flappers

At the end of episode 2, Cocona and Papika are taken through the bowels of the Flip Flaps base to reach a device that will help them go to Pure Illusion. According to Doctor Hidaka, this device is called the “Thomasson”. What is a Thomasson? Where did that name come from? Well, that is an interesting story and one quite revealing about some of Flip Flappers’ core themes and goals.

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Pure Reality: Welwitschia, Queen of the Desert

We all remember this girl right? Episode 3’s villain, who provided the impetus for Cocona and Papika’s first proper transformation. She was known by a variety of fan names. “Bondage Queen”, “S&M Queen”, generally some variation on that concept. Well a while back I discovered that she does in fact have an official name, Welwitschia. It turns out, that name wasn’t something made up just for that character. Welwitschia is a real thing in our world. And its kinda interesting! Lets take a look.

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