FlipFlappiversary Week 12: What We Care About the Most

Only two more episodes left. In episode 12, Pure Howling, all the plot threads finally come to a head. However almost all of them are irrelevant. There is only one thing that really matters now. Cocona. The things that involve Cocona are important, everything else that goes on is window dressing.

Mimi. Papika. Yayaka. The three who could say that what they care about the most is Cocona. Their confrontation is what decides the fate of the Pure Illusion and the world.

Mimi wants to protect the daughter she lost. Now that she has Cocona, she won’t let her go. A mother who was never able to grow up, to learn to let her child go her own way. Mimi’s love is protective and smothering. She does everything for Cocona, but doesn’t ever ask Cocona what she wants. Her power of Pure Illusion puts her in a position of control Yayaka and Papika can’t fight against.


Yayaka’s love for Cocona will never see fruition. She has accepted this, but it doesn’t change how she feels. What she wants the most now is Cocona’s forgiveness. For the years of lies and deception. She wants to be friends with Cocona, whom she still treasures above all else. The power of her love allows her to transform, fittingly on the desert planet once again, to defeat the demon temptress Welwitschia.


Papika’s love is massive and all-encompassing. A love that she has proclaimed over and over, first to annoyed dismissal, to confused attempts at understanding and finally to full throated reciprocation. Papika has always loved Cocona, but she is also the only one who asks what Cocona wants.


As these three fight over Cocona, in the end its Cocona who must make the choice. Pure Illusion is her world, it is her responsibility to choose her path in life. Papika and Cocona reach for each other, declaring their love. Cocona choosing her path, with no regrets. Papika their ready to be with her along the way. They love love love each other.





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