Pure Reality: Welwitschia, Queen of the Desert

We all remember this girl right? Episode 3’s villain, who provided the impetus for Cocona and Papika’s first proper transformation. She was known by a variety of fan names. “Bondage Queen”, “S&M Queen”, generally some variation on that concept. Well a while back I discovered that she does in fact have an official name, Welwitschia. It turns out, that name wasn’t something made up just for that character. Welwitschia is a real thing in our world. And its kinda interesting! Lets take a look.

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Index of Flip Flappers Reviews and Articles

This post will serve as an index for Flip Flappers reviews, articles, blog posts, translations, videos and anything else that is seems appropriate. Views and opinions stated in these articles may or may not reflect the views and opinions of the staff of the blog Flip Flapping!

If you know of an article that should be included you may leave a comment and I’ll add it.

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