A Genre by Any Other Name: What Makes Something “Yuri”?

So recently there’s been some discussion going around about whether Banana Fish, an adaption of a classic 1980s shoujo manga, is properly considered to be a “Boy’s Love” work. Unfortunately I can’t really comment much on that due to not being in that space at all, not watching the Banana Fish anime or having read the manga. But it did bring to mind something I’ve thought on more than once: just what is a “yuri” anime?

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FlipFlappiversary Week 13: Pure Illusion, Pure Reality

And here we are, the final episode. Its been quite the trip these last thirteen weeks. Some ups and some downs. One year ago today the final episode of Flip Flappers aired. As I write this right now is when it would have been airing. There was  a lot riding on this episode, many things it needed to get right to have a satisfying conclusion. Most people would agree that it knocked it out of the park.

There are a lot of possibilities for discussion here. How Papika regressed to a child, Cocona finally and explicitly admitting her feelings to Papika, Cocona and Papika beating up Mimi. Salt and Mimi’s reunion, and so on. But I think today we’ll talk about the final part of the episode, when Cocona wakes up and finds herself in “reality”.

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#12DaysofAnime 10: Anime Cannot Live on Sakuga Alone

I’ve found myself of two minds when it comes to sakuga, not in whether or not I enjoy anime that is well animated. I do, of course. However I feel I don’t put the same emphasis on it that some other people do. Or rather, I find it to be a surprisingly minor part of why I enjoy anime.

If you have no idea what I mean by “Sakuga”, I suggest you check out the Sakuga Blog, a great resource and run by some of the nicest people around.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 12: What We Care About the Most

Only two more episodes left. In episode 12, Pure Howling, all the plot threads finally come to a head. However almost all of them are irrelevant. There is only one thing that really matters now. Cocona. The things that involve Cocona are important, everything else that goes on is window dressing.

Mimi. Papika. Yayaka. The three who could say that what they care about the most is Cocona. Their confrontation is what decides the fate of the Pure Illusion and the world.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 11: Promises Broken

Episode 11 of Flip Flappers is where all the backstory and almost all of the core plot is laid out. And almost all of it is immediately disposed of. Things that should be important revelations with grand import happen with little fanfare, to make time for the things that the show feels are important.

Almost all of this is at the hands of a character we truly met only in the previous episode. Cocona’s mother, Mimi.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 10: Friends and Lovers

If episode 9 was all about how much Yayaka’s suffered, episode 10 loads an entire lifetime’s worth of betrayal onto Cocona’s back. Not all of the betrayals are real, but they feel real to her. Even more so, because they validate all her old feelings of worthlessness. That she wasn’t really needed for herself. Just for what she represented or what she could do.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 9: Being Yayaka is Suffering

We haven’t spoken much about Yayaka during the FlipFlappiversary. Not because she’s a bad character, but so much of the first half of the series is focused on Cocona’s self-discovery, that Yayaka mostly exists in the background. However, starting in episode 8, and continuing into episode 9, Pure Mute, that changes a lot.

Yayaka’s life kinda blows.

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