FlipFlappiversary Week 7: Surfacing the Subtext

So, Episode 7. Pure Component. Maybe one of the most important episodes of anime…ever. Sure, its not the action spectacle of Pure XLR, or the deconstruction of classic tropes like Pure Echo, or the deep psychological dive of Pure Play. But in terms of what it does for Flip Flappers, and for Cocona, its immense.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 6: Iro’s Colors

A bit of a running theme through the last several posts has been Cocona awakening to her feelings for Papika, and more generally coming to terms with the fact that she’s gay.

We will continue that discussion next week, but this week lets pull back a bit and discuss some of the discussion that went on about Flip Flappers as it aired.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 1: Behind the Glasses

Hard to believe its been an entire year since Flip Flappers began to air, on the other hand its hard to believe its only been a year. In honor of the Flipflappiversary, each week there will be a new post about that week’s episode. Not a full write up or analysis, just a brief look at something or someone important to that episode.

For the first post, lets talk a bit about Cocona’s Glasses.

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