FlipFlappiversary Week 2: Flip Floppers

Welcome to week 2 of the FlipFlappiverary! Last week we talked about Cocona’s glasses, which were so vital in episode 1 and then essentially vanished.

Today we’re going to talk about an even more minor bit of clothing, Papika’s flip flops!

One bit of information about Papika that is never spoken, but comes across loud and clear is that Papika Does Not Like Shoes. The scenes where she wears shoes can be counted on two hands, and almost all of them are when she’s in her magical girl outfit, and thus don’t really count. Otherwise, she’s either barefoot or most commonly, wearing a cheap pair of flip flops.


The Flip Flaps/Flip Flops comparison is almost certainly intentional, but the choice speaks to Papika’s character. Disliking shoes is a very common trait for “free spirit” characters like Papika, of course.


The only time we see Papika wear normal shoes outside of her transformation is in episode 2. She shows up in Cocona’s class, wearing a frilly pink dress and a pair of matching heeled shoes. By the very next scene we see her in, the shoes and thighhigh socks that she was wearing have been replaced by a pair of pink flip flops. The shoes are never seen again.


Even in the past, as Papikana, she clearly disliked shoes. Both as a child and then later as a young adult, she is seemingly always barefoot.


It is worth noting that the multiple Papika’s in episode 7 do (by and large) wear shoes, though they are all creations of Cocona’s mind, so they don’t quite count.

Happy Flip Flopping!






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