FlipFlappiversary Week 12: What We Care About the Most

Only two more episodes left. In episode 12, Pure Howling, all the plot threads finally come to a head. However almost all of them are irrelevant. There is only one thing that really matters now. Cocona. The things that involve Cocona are important, everything else that goes on is window dressing.

Mimi. Papika. Yayaka. The three who could say that what they care about the most is Cocona. Their confrontation is what decides the fate of the Pure Illusion and the world.

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#12DaysofAnime 8: Kurosawa Ruby Does Her Rubesty

First of all, all the Aqours are good. Secondly, Kurosawa Ruby is by far the most underrated member of the group, and the one that tends to get the most overt dislike or disparagement. This is super unfair because as she will tell you herself, she always does her Rubesty. She also happens to have one of the best character arcs in both seasons of Love Live Sunshine. I touched on this briefly before, though it was mostly in the service of discussing her and Hanamaru joining the group.

Spoilers, I guess.

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#12DaysofAnime 7: Blue Reflection and the Fantasies Games Sell

So, Blue Reflection. A Magical Girl RPG with a vaguely Persona-esque School-life aspect. Its an interesting game! Deeply flawed, but interesting. Shortly after its Western release, an article which talked to Kishida Mel, the character designer and main creative force for the game caused a bit of a flap. He said that the game was aimed at a male audience, primarily.

This is interesting, not only because quite a few women who enjoyed the game took exception to it, but also because a game like Blue Reflection represents a type of fantasy that no western made game ever tries to sell, to males or females.

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#12DaysofAnime 6: Shin Koihime Musou and the Importance of a Protagonist

Some of you may have heard of the show Koihime Musou, or perhaps the visual novel its based on. If not, the basic idea is easy enough. What if you took the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and made everyone a girl? If that sounds absurd, well, it is.

Before we start, you should read “The Elephant in Koihime Musou’s room” by my good friend Jao. Once you’ve done that, then we can start!

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#12DaysofAnime 5: Netsuzou Trap is Bad (Content Warning)

This probably doesn’t come as a shock to most people, but Netsuzou Trap (NTR) is almost breathtakingly bad. It is bad in ways most people probably never expected. It is a sterling example of how not to tell a story, before you even consider its exploitative nature and how it treats some relatively sensitive content.

Guess what? Spoilers. Also Content Warning: Rape and Abuse discussion

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#12DaysofAnime 4: Avoiding Male Leads

This year I will have (probably) finished 33 anime series. That’s a lot! Less than I used to watch, but still quite a bit. Just over eight shows per season. Of those shows, the vast majority have one thing in common.

They don’t have a male lead. I did not set out, precisely, to minimize the number of shows I watch with male leads, but its been a continuing pattern for several years. This is the first year where I have an easily accessible record of what I watched (thanks to this blog!) so lets talk about these shows, and something they have in common.

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#12DaysofAnime 3: The Rise and Fall of Kemono Friends

It would be pretty fair to say that of all the anime that aired this year, the most surprising was Kemono Friends. Honestly what more is there to say about it? The saga of Kemono Friends has become legend by now, even though a bare year ago if anyone did know about it, it was just as that “upcoming show who’s mobage was canceled before it even aired”.

Now, well. Kemono Friends has become a lot more than that.

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