Winter 2017 End of Season Review

Well its that time again. The Winter 2017 season has finally (mostly) wrapped up. As anime seasons go it was pretty middle of the road. Not as bad as some people predicted, but generally just pretty ok. I ended up finishing eight shows, which is about what I normally shoot for. So what did I think? well, read on to find out!

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Ghosts of Humanity: Being Human in NieR: Automata and Xenoblade Chronicles X

The nature of humanity is, of course, a common theme in works of science fiction. It may even be considered one of the core purposes of the genre. Isaac Asimov famously explored this in his many stories, especially involving robots and androids. His “Three Laws of Robotics” have become so ingrained in the fabric of the genre that many people probably don’t know where they originated. Other authors and creators have approached the idea of the “humanity” of robots, of course. Today we’re going to talk about two videogames. Xenoblade Chronicles X and NieR: Automata.

Spoilers after the jump.

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Watanabe You – The Yousoro of her Heart

The idea of the “Childhood Friend” (Osananajimi, in Japanese) has long been a staple of anime and manga romance stories, particularly ones with a harem bent. They are, especially in popular consciousness, somewhat tragic figures. The girl who’s been by the hero the longest, but is never able to convey that she likes them as more than just a friend. Love Live: School Idol Project technically has had many “Childhood Friends”. Honoka, Kotori and Umi all knew each other for years before the story began, for example. However their is only one true “Childhood Friend” character in this franchise, Love Live Sunshine‘s Watanabe You

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