Promised Day (iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, Akagi Miria/Jougasaki Mika)

17-year-old Akagi Miria is going on a date with her girlfriend, Jougasaki Mika. Its a very important day, a day that she’s been thinking about for a long time.

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The Girl With the Iron Smile: Takamachi Nanoha’s Kindness

Fate Testarossa Harlaown is, as anyone will tell you, a very kind girl. You will most certainly hear this from Takamachi Nanoha, Fate’s Best Friend, Girl Friend and most precious partner. What you will not hear anyone say is that Takamachi Nanoha is a kind girl.

Thats not to say she isn’t friendly, or nice. She’s a very pleasant person to be around almost all of the time. You definitely could never say she’s cruel. But still, she’s not “kind”.

Lets have a chat about Nanoha. Spoilers abound, even for Reflection, sorry.

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The Comedy Lesbian: Oosawa Yuu’s Feelings

One of the most unexpected surprises this season has been Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, a fairly lighthearted show about a girl who really loves Ramen. However we’re not here today to talk about Koizumi-san herself. Instead we’re going to talk about Oosawa Yuu, who is our main viewpoint into the world of Koizumi-san and a girl who really, really loves Koizumi.

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Winter 2018 Overview

Wow its a new year already! Flip Flapping! has been around for just over a year now. I thought about making a post discussing that, but decided not to. But just over 1 year ago the Flip Flappers Article Index went up. So cool that we’re still here a year later.

So, new year, new season. How are things going? Well, it turns out that this is one of the strongest seasons in ages, I’m currently watching thirteen shows, which is just ridiculous. A few notes about these posts. Going forward I’m going to use the S/A/B/etc tier system I used in the 2017 end of year post. I felt that worked very well and is a decent way of ranking things without going into too much granularity. S Tier is the highest tier for a season, SS Tier is reserved for the End of Year posts to recognize the best shows of the entire year. Within each tier, shows are listed alphabetically. So lets get to it!

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2017 Year in Review

Also the Fall 2017 Review because I don’t see a reason to do two posts on this. In the end, I finished 30 shows this year. I ended up dropping nine at various points in their run, including three from Fall season.

In lieu of numbered scores I’ve arraged the shows into a set of tiers. Inside each tier the order doesn’t matter, so shows will be listed alphabetically.  Anything in the top two tiers is an unreserved recommendation, while the three tiers after those range from “really good” to “ok”. Only one non-dropped show is not recommended at all. So lets get this started.

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#12DaysofAnime 12: Akemi Homura and the Pain of a Happy Ending

Merry Christmas! In celebration lets talk about how Akemi Homura ruined her own life, and how she was never going to be able to accept Madoka’s “Happy Ending”.

Just some light material today.

Also, Spoilers for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Rebellion.

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#12DaysofAnime 11: 2017 Best Couple Awards

Lets take a moment to look back on some of the best couples of the year! This is of course entirely subjective and all my opinion. Also spoilers for a lot of stuff sorry.

Also Mari and Kanan didn’t make the list but they get the header image and are amazing and wonderful. Just for the record.

(yes they’re all gay girls. My list, my rules)

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#12DaysofAnime 9: Centaurs, Dragons and Adaptional Change

Centaur no Nayami’s anime was, to put it frankly, not very good. This was highly unfortunate since the manga is excellent. So why was the anime bad? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the main reason is simple: It was too much like the manga.

Kobayashi-san Chi no MaiDragon is, at best, a mediocre manga. On the other hand, its anime is fantastic, easily one of the best shows of the year and leagues beyond the source manga. Why? Well, because it wasn’t all that much like the manga at all.

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#12DaysofAnime 8: Kurosawa Ruby Does Her Rubesty

First of all, all the Aqours are good. Secondly, Kurosawa Ruby is by far the most underrated member of the group, and the one that tends to get the most overt dislike or disparagement. This is super unfair because as she will tell you herself, she always does her Rubesty. She also happens to have one of the best character arcs in both seasons of Love Live Sunshine. I touched on this briefly before, though it was mostly in the service of discussing her and Hanamaru joining the group.

Spoilers, I guess.

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#12DaysofAnime 7: Blue Reflection and the Fantasies Games Sell

So, Blue Reflection. A Magical Girl RPG with a vaguely Persona-esque School-life aspect. Its an interesting game! Deeply flawed, but interesting. Shortly after its Western release, an article which talked to Kishida Mel, the character designer and main creative force for the game caused a bit of a flap. He said that the game was aimed at a male audience, primarily.

This is interesting, not only because quite a few women who enjoyed the game took exception to it, but also because a game like Blue Reflection represents a type of fantasy that no western made game ever tries to sell, to males or females.

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