FlipFlappiversary Week 13: Pure Illusion, Pure Reality

And here we are, the final episode. Its been quite the trip these last thirteen weeks. Some ups and some downs. One year ago today the final episode of Flip Flappers aired. As I write this right now is when it would have been airing. There was  a lot riding on this episode, many things it needed to get right to have a satisfying conclusion. Most people would agree that it knocked it out of the park.

There are a lot of possibilities for discussion here. How Papika regressed to a child, Cocona finally and explicitly admitting her feelings to Papika, Cocona and Papika beating up Mimi. Salt and Mimi’s reunion, and so on. But I think today we’ll talk about the final part of the episode, when Cocona wakes up and finds herself in “reality”.

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#12DaysofAnime 12: Akemi Homura and the Pain of a Happy Ending

Merry Christmas! In celebration lets talk about how Akemi Homura ruined her own life, and how she was never going to be able to accept Madoka’s “Happy Ending”.

Just some light material today.

Also, Spoilers for Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Rebellion.

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#12DaysofAnime 11: 2017 Best Couple Awards

Lets take a moment to look back on some of the best couples of the year! This is of course entirely subjective and all my opinion. Also spoilers for a lot of stuff sorry.

Also Mari and Kanan didn’t make the list but they get the header image and are amazing and wonderful. Just for the record.

(yes they’re all gay girls. My list, my rules)

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#12DaysofAnime 10: Anime Cannot Live on Sakuga Alone

I’ve found myself of two minds when it comes to sakuga, not in whether or not I enjoy anime that is well animated. I do, of course. However I feel I don’t put the same emphasis on it that some other people do. Or rather, I find it to be a surprisingly minor part of why I enjoy anime.

If you have no idea what I mean by “Sakuga”, I suggest you check out the Sakuga Blog, a great resource and run by some of the nicest people around.

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#12DaysofAnime 9: Centaurs, Dragons and Adaptional Change

Centaur no Nayami’s anime was, to put it frankly, not very good. This was highly unfortunate since the manga is excellent. So why was the anime bad? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the main reason is simple: It was too much like the manga.

Kobayashi-san Chi no MaiDragon is, at best, a mediocre manga. On the other hand, its anime is fantastic, easily one of the best shows of the year and leagues beyond the source manga. Why? Well, because it wasn’t all that much like the manga at all.

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FlipFlappiversary Week 12: What We Care About the Most

Only two more episodes left. In episode 12, Pure Howling, all the plot threads finally come to a head. However almost all of them are irrelevant. There is only one thing that really matters now. Cocona. The things that involve Cocona are important, everything else that goes on is window dressing.

Mimi. Papika. Yayaka. The three who could say that what they care about the most is Cocona. Their confrontation is what decides the fate of the Pure Illusion and the world.

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#12DaysofAnime 8: Kurosawa Ruby Does Her Rubesty

First of all, all the Aqours are good. Secondly, Kurosawa Ruby is by far the most underrated member of the group, and the one that tends to get the most overt dislike or disparagement. This is super unfair because as she will tell you herself, she always does her Rubesty. She also happens to have one of the best character arcs in both seasons of Love Live Sunshine. I touched on this briefly before, though it was mostly in the service of discussing her and Hanamaru joining the group.

Spoilers, I guess.

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